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Wednesday, July 18th 2012

9:19 AM

Thumbs preteens


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From: tina foster
Subject: Cottage fun ? late Summer CD/MMBy Reading this, you acknowledge that it's intended for adults only, like
the rest of the work of tinafosterukgmail.comNow, please do remember this is just adult fantasy, if you're not old
enough to read this, or if this sort of thing isn't for you, "why are you
here?? Go away..."To those who enjoy reading these, thank you for your attention. It's
Cottage fun -- late Summer
It was late summer and, I when I entered the cottage, just down a small
path of the lay-by on New Chester road.I'd gone into the middle cubicle, noting that now there was a glory-hole
wither side of the dirt smeared white porcelain throne I sat upon.It had been early evening when I'd walked in, never really expecting to
encounter what I had.I had sat awhile, lighting one cigarette after another, my trousers around
my ankles with the pirple panties with lace trim and sides.And though I'd realised that anyone looking beneath the partition could see
what I'd chosen to wear, I didn't mind: quite the contrary.I'd sat there staring at the scrawl on asian preteen nn the wall, my right hand round my
circumcised cock, hard and already leaking pre-cum.But, let galleries preteens sex me describe myself: five eleven, sic foot, slim with straight fair
hair and blue eyes: and, I'd guess you'd say I'm a bit of a slut for hard
cock, particularly on a domineering man. And, I'm seventeen, so it is
legal, after all, they made it so just a few months back -- and, about time
to, I say.And I had been there for about twenty minutes, when a shadow passed across
the hole to my left, which left me wondering how I missed it.Then a collar had been pushed under the partition. I'd picked it up
curiously: and, as I did do, I'd heard a voice hiss, "Put it on, slut."Peering through the hole quickly, I noticed the peak cap, tousled brown
hair and prominent cheek-bones, as well as the evident bulge in his blue
overalls and, rubber-sole boots: it had been the janitor, cleaning the
floors, brush in hand."I told you, put it on," I hissed again, his mouth close to the hole.I looked at the collar briefly: `black and, sturdily built.' I'd mused
briefly, before slipping it around my neck and fastening the buckle at the
front, the one with a small `D' loop on it. "Put it on," he hissed; and an inner-voice told me, `do it you slut, you
want to.'And thought I hesitated, that little voice was right, I wanted to put it
on, for this assertive stranger, on the other side of the wall: and as I
fastened the buckle with the `D' loop at the front, I knew he would be
watching and, my erection got even harder.And, I was well aware I preteens doll nonude was being watched, from that hole: then another
voice, from the other side, another voice, a different one: "I want to see
those panties on you.""Yes sir," I answered on automatic, pulling them up over my freshly shaven
legs."Now, remove your shoes and socks, undo the door and come out, preteens in swimsuits on your
hands and knees, panty boy!" Said the voice I'd first heard, the commanding
one, which had triggered my submissive side so easily."You hear me, panty-boy?" He snarled at me, which had my slim frame quaking
with a strange mixture of fear and, desire."Yes sir," I answered, as I removed my shoes and socks, then knelt on the
cold wet tiles and reaching up, undid the bolt on the door.Grasping the edge of the door, I opened it and walked out the cubicle
feeling very scared, yet filled with the weirdest need to submit to
anything that was asked of me.It was a compulsion that I'd not felt for many years, not since my fiancée
had taught me how she liked me to dress preteen talent
for her, before she'd take me, with
either preteens sex russia
fingers or a dildo that she so-enjoyed using, on me.I crawled forward a couple of feet, then that strong voice that had taken
ownership of my psyche said softly, "Stop, I have to attach this."And briefly I felt preteendigest site index hands working on the collar, before I heard a satisfied,
"There!" He had attached a leash to the collar, which he held loosely.Then I felt the tug on the collar that encircled my neck. I was pulled
roughly forward, by a leash into the dim light, which permeated through the
two windows high up on the wall. . "What shall I do with its clothes?"
Said the other man, as he emerged from the cubicle next to the one I'd been
waiting inside.There was a pause, as I looked at the feet of both men, nauty preteen girls scared preteen teen xxx that they
might decide to do something with my clothing: and, leave me without them.And sure, I'd been waiting, for some action, some cottage-fun, but I hadn't
expected to find myself wearing my panties, before two strangers, in a
public toilet on all-fours, a collar round my neck. It was terrifying, yet
thrilling, at the same time."Come on panty-boy, time to go," My Master instructed. Yes, `Master', for
that's how I already thought of the man whose collar I wore.Then another tug on the leash and I followed my Masters Timberline boots,
as he led me toward the entrance to the cottage's entrance.And, he did not pause again at the door way, just led me out and down the
short tree-lined path to the lay-by, on the main-road, where several cars
were parked."Your car, or mine?" The other fellow asked, following behind us with a
view of my panty-clad buttocks."I'll take it and you remember not to dirty preteen bikinis throw his clothes out of the window,
like you did that girl that time, alright?" I heard what he said and boy,
was I suddenly very scared.I had no idea of what I'd got myself into here, not idea at all: and yet, I
was aroused.
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Wednesday, July 18th 2012

12:00 AM

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